Tips For Nature Proofing Your Home

Wildlife is everywhere.  With more and more developments popping up all over the place the wildlife that used to call these places home are being pushed out.  With nowhere else to go some of these animals will begin to encroach back into the lands they once knew, making residence in your home.  The following tips and tricks will help with general wildlife control darby pa.


Food is the main attracter of wildlife.  Leaving food outside for the cats or dogs is not a good idea.  When we leave food outside animals will smell it and come looking for it.  The best idea is to feed your animals inside or if feeding outside bring their food and water dishes in at night.

Keep your yard free of trash

Animals love to scavenge.  They look for food, items for a nest or just want to be curious and make a mess.  When traveling through your yard animals will look for these items and do with them whatever they please. 

Fill in holes and close entrances into your home

Animals love to dig.  When they find a hole they want to make it bigger.  This is why you want to close up holes in your yards.  When we have holes or places animals can use to dig in they will gain entrance into our homes.  When they gain entrance into our homes is when we have serious problems.

Live Traps

general wildlife control darby pa.

Only use live traps.  Using poisons and deadly traps are not humane and killing an animal is never right.  Animals have just as much right to the world as we do.  However, they don’t have a right to be in our homes.  Using these live traps will not harm the animal and it will allow animal control to take them away safely and released into the wild.