Importance Of Microchipping A Dog

Microchipping your pet dog is now non-negotiable. This is why you need to take your pet in for what these therapists are calling homeagain microchip service houston tx treatment. From this title, it could be suggested that taking the dog in for treatment against the heartworm larvae is basically an in and out procedure. Quick but not necessarily easy and certainly not to be taken lightly. You and the dog can be home before you know it. And then both you and Fido can rest easy in the knowledge that the little boy is now officially dewormed. Or will be once the monitoring processes are through. Quite literally, if your dog is not treated his heart will be broken irreparably.

Once the dog has been infected with the heartworm larvae, he’s heart is damaged and, horror upon horrors, it can never be fixed. Ever. These dreadful and deadly larvae are carried by mosquitoes. It’s pretty prevalent in Houston right now. And experts say that this is not even a seasonal event. It is an all year round plague. It might not do you and your neighbors much harm but it is dreadful for the neighborhood dogs (and cats). If dogs are being treated conventionally for this disease, vet fees can go over a thousand bucks. This is expensive. Proper treatment would require several trips to the vet. And it could be months before your dog can live a dog’s life again.

homeagain microchip service houston tx

And even then, there are no guarantees. Vulnerable animals sometimes do not make it. You see how this is getting folks, so do yourself and your animal a favor, get him microchipped ASAP. The good news is that this disease is preventable by also administering the heartworm medicine on a regular basis. Of course, this would have to be prescribed by the vet.