Vet Takes Care Of Pets & Yours Too

The writer was smiling just a moment or two ago. Why was he smiling? Well, it just so happens that he loves animals. And not too long ago, it could not have been more than an hour ago (this is a true story, by the way, the content here contains no BS) the writer walked passed a house on his way home. And one dog – let’s just call her Sally; and clearly, the writer could tell that she was a girl (this was a dog that was not neutered) – started yapping at him.

Not that he was a passing fugitive, no, nothing like that. It’s just that like most neighborhood dogs tend to do when they see folks like this one passing by, she was barking out of friendship. But why is the walking writer’s smile just so past tense? Well, no he’s feeling sad. While this dog was barking at him, her brother (?) was quietly sitting in the shade, nursing his bandaged paw. He wondered. What could have happened?

new brighton vet

And did the folks take this poor chap to the new brighton vet, he wondered. Writers in general, yes, even online writers like this one, like to muse. It is not an occupational hazard, they actually quite like the habit, it stimulates them for the work ahead. And even if the stories have a whiff of bad vibes and cruelty about it, it spurs them on to deliver a tour de force. Like motivating readers like yourself to go and take your pets to the vet already.

This is something you need to do regularly, at least once or twice a year, and that’s assuming that the youngish dog is in relatively good health and being cared for by its owner.